4-player remote Mahjong

A different but similar game.

  • Every player must have their own set.

  • Every player must be connected to a voice group chat or call. Video good too!


Pick your winds and relative playing position. Every player should know who is before and after them.

Organize your tiles. Take one of every tile out - this is your active pile. Take the Four flowers and Seasons out. All remaining tiles are your bank.

Place the flowers and Seasons face down. Shuffle and select two. Keep all face down. Set the other six aside.

Place all your active tiles face down.

Mix in the two flowers you selected and wash your tiles.

Build your wall.

Roll a six-sided die.

Math time: draw (13 - your roll). Example: if you rolled a 3, draw 10 tiles.

Look at your tiles.

Now draw the number of tiles on the die from the bank. You can draw any tiles in any combination. Flowers and seasons are not part of the bank.

If you draw a flower at any time, reveal it and draw a replacement tile from the bank.

East Wind draws 14th tile.

East Wind announces their discard to group.

Play precedes as normal with every player announcing their discard. Players draw from the wall in front of them rather than from a communal wall.

Keep in mind:

You will never self-draw a pung after the opening. You can only self-draw 2 pairs, assuming you find a flower. The flowers are not guaranteed to be yours. It is possible to have competing pungs, therefore, player next in line gets it. Winning/waiting players have priority as usual. 7 pairs should probably be illegal. Possibly also other special hands, or scores reduced.

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