Player across from you is on your team. If either of you win, both of you win.

2 back for pickup

Can take both last and second to last tile on discard. People still need to make calls.

Grid Resurrection

Array all discards in an orderly grid. When a tile is placed in a row, table can call either most recent discard or the tile "above" it.

11 to win

Hand size drops to 10, only 3 sets of 3 + 1 pair

4-4-4-4-3 with six of each tile (2 sets required)

Hand size expands to 19. Requires 2 sets.

Runs of any length greater than 3

Runs of greater than 3 are valid, but be careful - you still need exactly 14 tiles and one pair. Runs cannot be extended after being revealed.

Runs from every other player's discard

Any player can call any other player's discard for a run. Pungs still take precedence.

Call on pairs/need 4 pairs min

Pairs can be called and revealed from discard like pungs. 14 tiles still required, so player needs to win with either 1, 4, or 7 pairs.

Don't use/reveal from discard.

Next player no longer needs to be able to use nor reveal tiles that they draw from discard. However, unused draws are lowest priority, beneath runs, pungs, kongs, and a winning call. If grab is contested, the used run/pung must be revealed. Picking from discard does not count as self draw for revealed pung-> kong.

Free For All

Similar to Don't Use but anyone can grab a discard at any time. Priority is first to call, but a fast call for a run or pung can override.

Limit: 2

Rather than 3-3-3-3-2 for a winning hand, it's 2-2-2-2-2-2-2. Both pairs and runs of 2 are valid. Pairs and runs can be called.

Under consideration:

Team prisoners dilemma ~~ (incentivise team betrayal )

Opponents - if the person opposite you wins, you lose double. Try to stop them!

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